Baby girl is born

28 March 2019

crcl mam

written by Dr. Srivathsa Vaidya 

At the door steps of the operation theatre father waiting for the birth of his first child…..the moment the doctor announces baby girl is born people around him start consoling him even before congratulating him “ Chinta math  karoo…doosra beta hoga”

The planning for her wedding starts even before the girl baby reaches home. Its quite common for people to ask “ When are you going to start saving for her wedding”, “Don’t forget there’s a girl growing up in the house”. The burden of girl’s marriage devours most families and their thought process. This can change if we voice against the biased marriage system and encourage equal contribution in marriage  from bride and groom.

Most marriages in India are like business deals, where the groom is at auction. Many times education of the girl is just a make up because even educated girls and their parents don’t have the courage to speak up against this unfair marriage system. We want to  clarify to society that

 “ Ladkiyan  paraya dhan nahi hoti hai” .

This calls for a cultural revolution and a shift in the way marriages are carried out.

I think we need more action than talking. Rules, laws and signing petition isn’t enough. We need to take this message to the people of our family, friends, society and convey to them the need for women emancipation by bringing about equality in marriage. Lets plunge into societal development.

– Dr Srivathsa Vaidya 

(Ph.d USA, IITM)



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